Corona Essay competition Winners 2020

Dear Participants, parents and followers of Tamils.mu, we thank everyone of you who have participated in our Essay Writing Competition. Today we are very proud to announce the names of the winners from the 3 different categories. 


We were really overjoyed by the fact that we received  for the 3 categories combined, a total of 150 essays. This is very healthy for the Tamil language in Mauritius.

We must say, it was not an easy job for our panel to decide the winners from the different categories as we have received some very well written essays. Therefore we decided to reward 5 additional participants other than the winners as their essays stand out due to their originality. Their names and prizes are mentioned in the “Worth Mentioning” section. 

On behalf of the board of Tamils.mu and Kambar Mooneettra Kuttam, we are sending our heartfelt congratulations to all the participants and winners.

Please note that each participant will receive a Certificate of Participation.

We will shortly during the course of the week, be posting the corrected winning Essays as well as get in touch with everyone to send their prizes and Participation certificate.