Welcome to Tamils.mu

எல்லோருக்கும் வணக்கம்


Welcome to Tamils.mu. We are a website run and operated by Tamils in Mauritius. Our aim is to
- Promote the Tamil culture
- Document and provide easy resources that Tamils can use all around the world.
- Provide an information on why Tamils do what they do.
- Provide some networking between Tamil professionals across multiple fields.
- Link all Tamil events and activities and provide a calendar of event
- Promote and help local Tamil businesses (send us your company info, a picture and a website/contact if you want to be added to our business section)

Note that this website is open for every individual, whether you are from the Tamil community or not.
We hope that it will be informational to you, your friends and famillies. If you are interested in writing any articles on Tamils.mu please get in touch with us either on our facebook page, or through our contact form. Anyone can send articles, we shall review the article as long as it respects all other communities and it is a factual article we are glad in promoting it.

We promise to always keep this website updated, but we need your cooperation, we need pictures, information about any events, prayers, courses, conference etc. Join us on this sacred mission.